With the Konfigurator to more effective sales

Business is not a piece of cake. A large number of orders, quality overview, responding to inquiries and communication can take up a lot of time, especially willpower and energy that you could spend on something else.

How do I customize my offer for foreign markets?

Entering a new market is always more than an area of comfort. You represent your product in a completely new market, which in many ways differs from the one you are used to.

Avoid mistakes that cost you money

Solving problems is not only time-consuming – consequently, additional costs arise, different complaints due to incomplete requirements are created, and more could be listed. Having said this, making mistakes is human therefore it is hard to get rid of them but at least we can try to prevent them.

Why exactly a web application?

The world consists of an infinite number of devices – each with its resolution, screen type, technical capabilities and operating systems.