How do I customize my offer for foreign markets?

Entering a new market is always more than an area of ​​comfort. You represent your product in a completely new market, which in many ways differs from the one you are used to.

The problem of entering foreign markets is not only the foreign language, but also different demands of the market. We need to present the product in a different way: we need to create our story in a new form, as the audience that will hear it, perceives the world differently. We need to adapt our branding, and at the same time think about doing business with another currency and adjust the prices of products accordingly.

In order to find the best way to get through this confusion, and to start this new path effectively, it is important to simplify as many processes as possible. With the Konfigurator, we also took care of this area: it was created so that you can easily adjust it to your new graphic identity, represent product prices in different currencies and different market-adjusted prices, and if necessary, you can even change the direction of reading.

Since entering all such corrections in comparison with classic media is much faster and, above all cheaper, you can adjust your offer quickly to the current situation and the needs of the new market, thus enabling optimal development of the company.

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