Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to the most common questions in the categories listed below. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us.

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All questions

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How can I acquire a Konfigurator?

You can acquire the Konfigurator by filling in the inquiry form on the website, sending us an e-mail with a description of the product you are interested in, or by contacting us through our online chat.

On what platform does the Konfigurator work?

The Konfigurator is a web application, which means it works on all devices, anywhere and at anytime.

Which web browsers are supported?

All major versions of web browsers are supported.

Where is the application located? Do I need my own hosting?

All files are placed on dedicated Amazon AWS servers located in Frankfurt, Germany, which means you do not have to worry about hosting.

How do I install it?

An installation is not necessary since the Konfigurator is a web application. Each Konfigurator has its own unique web link (URL), which is available to all your users.

Do I need additional software or hardware for it to run?

No. No additional software or hardware is needed to use the Konfigurator.

Which languages does the Konfigurator support?

The Konfigurator works in every language. We can also add the language of your choice to the already existing 12.

Can I install it on the websites of my partners / sellers?

The simple answer is no. Each Konfigurator has its own unique URL link, where it is always accessible. You can place this link on any website, which will allow users to directly access the app in a new tab. The Konfigurator cannot be embedded on the website via iFrame.
In case your business partner would like your Konfigurator with their own corporate identity, we suggest you review our package offers.

Can the Konfigurator get "stolen" from me and be used for other purposes, e.g. by the competition?

No. Each Konfigurator has its own unique key, which is linked to a website or a domain where it is installed.

I have a manufacturer license. Who gets the inquiries that are made with my license? Me or the manufacturer?

Each Konfigurator and with that the licenses also contain a specific e-mail address to which the inquiries are sent. Therefore, YOU are receiving the inquiries.

Can I create images that are suitable for the Konfigurator on my own?

You can. The preparation of images is very simple. They can be prepared by anyone with basic knowledge of graphic programs for image processing (e.g.: Photoshop) based on our instructions.

What is needed for image preparation?

For image preparation you need the best possible picture of your product in digital form.

Do I have to prepare pictures in all color variations?

No. The system software colors the elements. Only one picture in white should be prepared.

How many products, colors, decorations and accessories can I add?


Is there a plug-in for CMS systems, like Wordpress?

No. Due to the complexity of the application, the development of such plug-in does not make sense.

What is the price of the Konfigurator?

Each Konfigurator is unique, therefore the price depends on your requirements and the amount of content.

How much time do you need for the implementation?

Each Konfigurator is unique; therefore the developmental time depends on your requirements and the amount of content. We recommend that you send us an inquiry and together we will set a timeline of the development.

What is the difference between the standard package and the license?

The standard package represents the development of a basic Konfigurator for a manufacturer or a major distributor.
The license is intended for the business partners of the manufacturer/distributor, who already has an existing Konfigurator. The licensed business partner acquires the manufacturer's Konfigurator with his own contact details, his own web link and a customized branding.

What is the price of the license?

The license fee is not fixed. It is paid monthly/annually and depends on the business terms of your supplier who already has a functioning Konfigurator.

Can I edit the content myself?

At this time, the content administration system is not available, which means that we take care of the updates.

Do you use analytical tools?

Yes. We have integrated Google Analytics in the Konfigurator.

Does the Konfigurator provide a price calculation?

Yes. This feature is for PRO package owners only.

Can I edit the price list on my own?

Yes. The price list is prepared in an Excel document, which you can edit by yourself.

Which domains are available?

We have the following registered domains:

Your unique url link consists of an optional subdomain and registered domain, e.g.:

Can I use my own domain to install the Konfigurator?

Yes, but it needs to be directed to our servers.