With the Konfigurator to more effective sales

Business is not a piece of cake. A large number of orders, quality overview, responding to inquiries and communication can take up a lot of time, especially willpower and energy that you could spend on something else.

Unload yourself

We easily unload the employees and ourselves as well as use time more efficiently, if we automate processes and leave them to programs that work instead of us, whilst enabling fewer mistakes brought about by the human factor. The Konfigurator makes daily businesses easier for you, as you effectively and efficiently handle all orders, customer inquiries and wishes. Without hesitation and negotiation regarding the client’s wishes and the endless preparation of offers, every job will be much more relaxed and your employees will be under less stress.


Since doing business with the Konfigurator is easy, new employees are quickly introduced into the business process in every area of ​​work: whether this is marketing, sales, technical service, complaints or customer support. By using a Konfigurator, individual departments are also much more interconnected, since all necessary information can be accessed at all times.

Designed for everyone

While many automated processes are complex and often take more time, the Konfigurator was designed with the idea of user-friendly usage. The use of the Konfigurator is quick and easy to understand – even so understandable that we already use the Konfigurator to help us train new employees. The Konfigurator is suitable for everyone: for a salesperson in a showroom, an installer in the field or a worker in production.

Sell ​​anywhere and at anytime

While conducting regular business you are not only limited to working hours, but also with a catalog that only shows some of your options for your otherwise wide range of offers. The Konfigurator allows you to make the offer ready at any time – even when you are out of your office. Order specifications and offer options according to the current stock are available immediately, and you can access all possible combinations and visual presentations of the finished product whenever, which is impossible with the classic catalog due to the large number of options. With the Konfigurator, you can show all your offers to potential customers – anywhere and at anytime.

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