Avoid mistakes that cost you money

Do you constantly explain to your customers the exact same things and solve the same problems? 

Solving problems is not only time-consuming – consequently, additional costs arise, different complaints due to incomplete requirements are created, and more could be listed. Having said this, making mistakes is human therefore it is hard to get rid of them but at least we can try to prevent them.

Continuous updates

Errors can be avoided to a great extent by supporting or even exchanging the standard methods of sale, such as catalogs, leaflets and trade fair placement of products, with the Konfigurator. Fast and efficient updates will always keep prices and product images updated, as well as avoid printing errors, misunderstandings and related costs.

Low error costs

When a typo is discovered on an already printed catalog, the damage is already done. There are no steps back, which can bring huge financial and time related pressure – either for printing new catalogs or for repeated misunderstandings with customers. The costs of an error in the Konfigurator are negligible in comparison, since they represent only a few clicks – and the error is corrected. With this in mind, we can be much more relaxed and confident, as well as save costs that would otherwise need to be repaired in the printed media.

Digital logistics

Even the distribution of classical promotional materials can be a great financial burden and can produce many errors. For a successful distribution, there is complex logistics and with it the additional costs of the company. The Konfigurator eliminates all these costs, since it exists everywhere and anywhere, enabling everyone with access regardless of the location, time, and type of device.

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